My name is Julie, I am French with a Vietnamese background and I am 34.

5 years ago, I took the leap and moved to the other side of the world to start a new adventure. I had no particular plan. Just the urge for freedom, the will to explore the world and find my true self.

I used to have an office job and work for big companies. I used to live a “conventional life”, the one society expects you to have. But I was not feeling happy or fulfilled. So at the dawn of my 30, I packed my bags and left everything behind.

Since 2013, I have been venturing to Australia, New Zealand, China and today, I am excited to be back to Sydney and start a new life! I have been experiencing as much as I can, embracing the good things, seizing opportunities, achieving things I could not even imagine doing and discovering more about myself and the person I truly am.

This diary tells the story of my life, my travels, my adventures, my emotions, my dreams, my goals, my fears. It’s a mixed bag of feelings and stories that I hope you can relate to. If somehow, I can inspire you and share my genuine curiosity about the world with you, my mission is complete.

We all have a story to tell, we are human beings, we feel, we think, we care, we love, we doubt. It’s the essence of our mind and soul and I encourage everyone to express their feelings, whatever the medium is. Mine obviously are writing and blogging, what’s yours? 

Happy reading, and please, feel free to share what’s on your mind! 🙂