#Day 10: Writing or Working out?

Writing or Working out?

Do both.

I’ve never really been into sports or working out. I stopped being an “athlete” (I was actually not too bad) at the age of 20. When I left the world of formal education, and sport was not part of my timetable anymore.

I went to Uni to study Modern Literature. More of a workout to stimulate my brain. I spent a lot of time talking about philosophy and the existential meaning of life with my friends. Going to cafés, reading and writing have become my only sport.

I don’t know how I have not ended up being fat. Lucky genetics? A fast metabolism? I am not sure. But just because you’re not fat, doesn’t mean that you’re healthy!

Thinking and writing are exhausting for my mind. As a writer, it is part of myself to over think things. It is how I create. But when I over think too much, my brain can’t function anymore, and my creativity goes down.

I’ve found that working out was my best way to switch it off. For real. 

I’ve had to push myself A-LOT to install some self-discipline. Find the strength to put on my gear and go to the gym after a long day of work. I have no excuse, there’s a gym room where I live. It’s just a question of will.

When I work out, I don’t think of anything else but the sets and reps I am doing. My brain is empty and can revitalise itself.

I challenge every muscle in my body and rest my brain. The opposite of what I do throughout most of my days.

The feeling is powerful! The pain is intense, my muscles hurt so bad but the sensation is so good. This is the same pain that is strengthening my body.

I am not thinking anymore, I am only feeling. And it’s a great way to boost my creativity.





2 thoughts on “#Day 10: Writing or Working out?

  1. Kia ora! I’m also unpublished, ha! I’ve been working on my big passion project, a sci-fi series, for over a year. I quickly found I wasn’t a good enough writer, yet, to go the story justice, so I’ve been working on my craft, honing my skills, polishing the lens through which I view my literary world. I look forward reading more about your journey. Do you listen to any of the many writing podcasts there are out there?


    1. Hello! Thanks for your message. I am glad to get to know other authors who are on the same journey than me! As a non-native English speaker, it’s even more challenging. That’s why I try to practise as much as I can to polish my craft. Blogging is a great way to write on a regular basis. I listen to writing podcasts and watch videos. I read a lot too it helps with my spelling. I also look up writing classes. There are some really good online classes: Udemy, you should check it out. They offer big discounts at the moment. Where are you at with your publishing process? Have you submitted your work to some publishers yet?


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