#Day 11: Picture Book – Post I

Another one of my dreams is to publish a Picture Book for young readers.

I really want to make it happen, as I believe pictures and words are meant to be together.

One day my roommate handed me a book to learn how to draw. I loved how simple and cute the design was. The teaching method was accessible and fun. No pretention at all. It was perfect and appropriate for me.

I ended up buying the whole series of Sachiko Umoto: Illustration School. She draws the most adorable illustrations I’ve ever seen. Each drawing is filled with wit and poetry.

Her originality made me want to create my own world and explore my whimsical side.

I started to draw every day, using my illustrations to teach French to children (another passion of mine for which I will dedicate a few posts).

I’ve always thought that I was incapable of drawing. My skills aren’t outstanding but I’ve managed to develop my own style. At least, I think I do.

I don’t care if my drawings aren’t perfect. Perfection is not something that I aim for. I find that there are more emotions and feelings when something is imperfect and has flaws. It feels more authentic and real.

I’ve started to draw child caricatures of people who are close to my heart. Friends, family members, people who inspire me. My main source of inspiration comes from nostalgia and childhood. I like capturing the essence of what a person used to be and what they dream to become.

Love is also a major source of inspiration in my world. I am a true romantic. Because my boyfriend Ezra was in NZ and I was living in Sydney, I started to draw our love story.

I created our child caricatures and put into drawings our happy memories.

For his birthday’s present, I put all the drawings together to make a book.

One day I will publish a picture book about the Love Story of a little boy and a little girl who dream big together. 

Click here to discover Julie & Ezra’s Special Book! 





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