About me

12231522_1097910520228562_1519680499_nFirst of all “veuillez m’excuser” (I apologise) but I am French, so you will probably find some spelling mistakes from pillar to post on my site. Writing in a different language from your mother tongue can be quite challenging. I promise I will do my best not hurting  your eyes too much and I hope you will enjoy the quirky little things you will be discovering about me.

My name is Julie, I am 31 and I come from a very old village lost in the beautiful French countryside near Paris.

Cute tour eiffelSticker-Bnjour-Paris copyAfter years of a quiet and comfortable life I have exploded, literally, like a volcano that has been asleep and suddenly has woken up. I have decided to leave everything behind me, my home country, my corporate job, a caring family, trustful friends, a loving fiancé, my small world and safe path…

Cute trees

At 29 I looked back on my life and I freaked out. Is that all? Am I meant to live what society expects from me? This conventional life supposed to make me happy? I realised that safe path and safe choices were not a goal to fulfil anymore. I was craving for something higher, I was craving for liberty, excitement, adventure and discovery.

What is the point of your life when all the golden land’s ahead of you and all kinds of unforeseen events wait lurking to surprise you and make you glad you’re alive to see? Something else way more exciting was waiting for me and time has come to pursue the crazy adventures I dreamt up while I was a young whippersnapper.

This is roughly what happened. My early mild-life crisis of my young existence:

My life VFSo I plucked up my courage, got rid of all my fears and doubts, did not care about the “what if”,  took the leap and moved across the world. This was my quest to discover myself and see how far I could go into the great unknow.

And it still is today.