My itinerant Studio’s

Wherever  I go or live, I need to recreate my own happy place to be inspired and close to what I really care about.  Cute birdy sticker

It is a bit hard when you’re not established, I have been moving in/out so many times (will probably do it again!) but somehow I have always managed to bring my world with me, wherever I landed.

I stayed for few months in a lovely place in Tempe, house-sitting (and dog-sitting) for the nicest people in the world. It was such a beautiful experience, it felt like home and it gave me this satisfaction you feel when you have your own house. It was an authentic Australian style house with a beautiful back garden filled with tropical plants. I found it easy to be inspired in and set up my studio in the sunny conservatory with a view on the garden.

DSC_0958     DSC_0824

Then I left the peace of the suburbs to go to the busy city and live high up in the sky.

48th floor of a tower, sharing a room in a 4 persons appartment. A big change.

When I moved in the only furnitures were 2 beds. I freaked out because there was no desk or table, not even a chair I could use. The place cruelly lacked of identity, warmth and I felt the urge to build my own happy place. The good thing is even in a limited space with no character, you can still make it cosy and personal. Wherever I go I do need to feel like I am home.



Today here we go again, back to the suburbs in Ashfield living in a very pretty house where I found solace and protection. Setting up my little studio, not much to change it’s already perfect.

I wish the list will be stopping it’s tiring to move from place to place! Especially with 2 tones of stuff including 1 tone of books, plastic boxes full of pens, pencils, paints, paper, notebooks, crafts, drawings…I dont’ know if my printer can handle it anymore. That is what it costs to carry your world with you! But can’t stop myself. You know you’ve changed when you’re ready to get rid of half of your wardrobe to keep all those little things. 🙂

One day, I will have my own house with a cute garden and where I could set up my studio, for good. Shooting star shot