#Day 4: day dreaming

It’s one of those sunny cold days that I love in New Zealand. The sky is perfectly blue and the sun on my face makes me feel warm. Autumn is here, spreading a lovely palette of colours and setting up the backdrop of a painting.  The leaves are adorning the trees with a beautiful blending of yellow, red, light green and brown.

Autumn always makes me feel nostalgic. It’s a time where everything gets slower, a preparation for the hibernation that is going to follow before life starts over again. I remember going to the woods with Dad, to pick up mushrooms and chestnuts. Then we would grill them in the fireplace at home. Dad would give me the biggest ones.

Autumn makes me daydream even more that I do already.

On this sunny day, I am sitting at a hipster café near my place, using the free wifi to search for new publishers to submit my script. Publishers that accept submissions for children’s book. It’s getting tighter, I feel like I’ve found them all. Especially in New Zealand and Australia. I know that I have to go for international publishers too.

Books don’t have any borders, they are universal, that’s the beauty of it. The more submissions I do, the more chances I am giving to myself to fulfil my dream.

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