#Day 5: no spelling mistake please

Today I feel like sharing some good advice from the lessons I’ve learned during my journey so far.

What’s repulsive to publishers and will annihilate your chance of being published?

Spelling mistakes and bad grammar.

I feel a bit silly saying that coming from a non-native English but it’s the universal truth.

It happens to make spelling mistakes but don’t make any in your writing craft. Your final script needs to be edited and re-edited. In my case, everything that I write needs to be reviewed by a native speaker and it’s not even enough.

One tip,  I use Grammarly which is an online Grammar checker and a good base to have a first clean version. After that, I need the fresh eye of a native English speaker (with good grammar and spelling skills obviously) to read my work. Otherwise, you can get the services of professional editors.

But the most valuable thing that I have done for my script is this: get a script assessment by a published author. It changes everything. It is the moment when you know that you can succeed because you have the talent and the skills. But it can be also the moment when you need to re-work or re-start your script because it’s not good enough.

In either case, I am categorical: get your script assessed! What you need is the truth about your work from a professional who does not know you and will give you an objective point of view. 

It’s lovely and reassuring to share your craft with your family and friends, I do it all the time, but I know their opinion will always be biased.

Also, don’t be afraid of investing a little bit of money to perfect your script. Who knows, it might bring you thousands and millions in a few years. 🙂

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